Why Us...


Years of Experience

Over the years, we have built profound knowledge base and skills

sets on ‘how’ to provide the ‘right’ logistics & services to our clients in oil and gas industries.
- Integrated Management System (IMS)
- The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT)
- ISPS Code
- Auxiliary Police (AP)
- Gazetted as a National Key Point (NKP) Threat
- Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP)
- Corporate Affiliates of the CILTM

Land Area

Sprawled over 345 acres with a comprehensive integrated facilities in place to support offshore drilling activities.

Enviable & Strategic Location

Situated in the heart of Southeast Asia and designated as a Federal Territory of Labuan under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister Department of Malaysia. Its status as an International Business Financial Centre and International Ship Registration will complement to boost the development of the booming oil and gas sector and will further enhance the economic growth in the region. ASB is strategically located to cater for all the major oil and gas concession Blocks off Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei Darussalam and the Philippines.

Presence of oilfield services and support companies in the Base

A broad spectrum of oilfield services and support companies e.g. Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Aker Solutions etc., operate in ASB/Labuan which offer a one-stop-centre experience to players in the Oil & Gas Industry. Experienced shipping, freight forwarding, packaging and custom agents, marine surveyors and insurance adjusters are available in ASB. Together, these companies with sizable base of operations in Labuan ensure efficient and seamless support to the offshore drilling activities in this region. The integrated network of oilfield services and support companies in ASB/Labuan translates into competitive costing for the Base users.

Tax Exemption

Labuan is a duty free port. All goods imported into Labuan are exempted from duties and taxes. Petroleum exploration, production and servicing companies operating from ASB are exempted from import duties and sales tax for materials and equipment used directly for upstream petroleum operations.