Towards Transforming Asian Supply Base Labuan Into World Class O&G Service Provider - Pt.2

ASB has what it takes to contribute towards Malaysia’s aspiration to be a deepwater hub in this region. The prospect for the oil and gas companies in Malaysia is excellent, as Petronas as well as the oil majors tend to give priority to Malaysian companies who have the technical capability to undertake jobs.

The Oil and Gas industry is very important to our country’s future economic growth and has been rightly identified as one of the 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) that will drive Malaysia’s leap into a High Income Country. Oil and Gas industry through its upstream activities is already a significant contributor to the national economic growth.

To sustain Labuan’s competitive advantage, it is imperative that its workforce continue to meet the requirements of this dynamic industry, and that our engineers and technicians have the flexibility to take up these new deep-sea challenges. With more low cost competition setting in, Labuan has to eventually move up the value-chain into more product engineering design and research and development activities.

ASB in the industry generates substantial revenue enabling the Government to undertake development project for the benefit of the people and simultaneously provides the catalyst to supportive services. This is also in line with its core objectives such as:

- To achieve the status as the most reputable Supply Base in the region.
- To provide consistent and optimal return to the shareholder.
- To motivate staff towards achieving high performance (Human capital Development).

Particularly where ASB is oriented to higher technology activities, in relation to oil and gas exploration, development and production, there is significant potential for Labuan to benefit from technology transfer, development of industrial capacity and up skilling of labour as well as infrastructure improvement which will also benefit domestic economy sectors and general community welfare.


ASB achieved a milestone in the marine business with the official launching ceremony of ASB Mutiara 5 (Fast Crew Boat) for Petronas Carigali (SBO). This is in line with ASB’s diversification plan, which has laid out the company’s goals, objectives and strategies to turn the company into a major player in a highly competitive industry. In total ASB has to build one fast crew boat, 2 general purpose vessel and an anchor handling tug. In order to stay ahead in the global marine and offshore arena, we need to continually maintain our competitive edge. Again, as I have mentioned, a cost-competitive and efficient business environment, with strong infrastructure and comprehensive supporting industries will be critical success factors to bring in investors.

New Development - Reclamation of the Northern Foreshore

ASB’s expansion was the reclamation of the Northern Foreshore area complete with Quay Wharf which sprawls at approximately 10 acres with a total berthing length capacity of 400 meters to berth three deepwater offshore supply vessels and one shallow supply vessel at any one time. This is good and promising for the future of ASB. Being the Supply Base to serve Sabah and Sarawak waters, we must ensure that our range of services are continually upgraded to meet our clients’ requirements.

Vision and Aspiration

On a personal note, my vision and aspiration is for Labuan to be transformed into an oil and gas town in the near future. I hope the authority will support more oil and gas development, as it is recognized as an industry that contributes to the development and economy of Labuan. We have all the ingredients to make it happen. Our players here are all part of the national interest. We are the planners for the logistics solution provider.

We are also the total logistics providers to all this oil and gas activities. Nothing can start without the total solution provider. That’s why Labuan is important because it is looking after the national interest. Through ASB’s success, I want the spin-offs for the people of Labuan i.e increase in job opportunities, enhancing the business activities and to contribute to the increase of the local economy, thus making the local business fraternity happy which should augur well for the government.


We have our blueprint, our visions and we have our medium & long term plan. We have our budget. In fact, we are not only servicing operations in Sabah and Sarawak waters. We are also looking at servicing even the activities in the nearby countries through the oil companies that are operating from the Supply Base. We have strategic planning and master plan for the next 10 to 15 years to ensure continuous growth.

In fact, we were looking at this blueprint ten years ago when I first took over the helm as the CEO. We never had a blueprint before. We were more operational then but when I came in, we made a blueprint that will create and contribute to the current activities in the oil and gas industry. We want to create further plan but we are more concerned about making profits out of the current activities in oil and gas industry. Taking advantage of the growth of the business and thus contributing to the State coffers and economy of Labuan.

Initially we explored other countries and visited almost every Supply Base in other countries; this gave us ideas on how to develop ASB. For the past ten years it has been our own initiative and our own drives. We promoted Labuan oil and gas hub, inviting investors to come over to Labuan. We talked to them about ASB, about the advantages that they can have in Labuan and how it can support their activities making it a one package solution i.e finance, marine and logistic support.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ASB has been quietly doing its part in helping the needy and less fortunate in Labuan. This is an ongoing process for ASB. Among a few to mention, ASB has done a lot of CSR in Labuan such as our Aidiladha Qurban, Breaking of Fast with under privileged groups and assisting in medical attention, however it is not publicised as I feel that this is the obligation of the organization anyhow. In ASB we are one family. We respect each other’s racial and religious background. We work together in harmony like one huge family.

Our Employees

We keep training and developing our human capital as we recognize that it is a valuable asset to our company. In fact it is the asset that will actualize the value of the other assets of the company. The bonus is not what makes the employees work harder. It is through motivational training, good medical benefits and other packages that make our staff happy. I wanted to transform ASB into a full pledge integrated logistics centre for oil and gas industry and I have been successful. Now, my vision is to help turn Labuan into an oil and gas town. At that time we did not know about the deepwater activities but today we have transformed, we are moving towards that end by making this the regional centre of deepwater hub.

Remarkable Achievement As CEO

In the past years, ASB has been the key offshore logistics hub and now as a deepwater hub in this region for the oil majors and providing support services to t h e oil and gas companies. The investment in the new development would ensure ASB retains its premier position, while providing world class facilities to the industry for the decades to come. Retaining valuable employees has also become a priority.