ASB has moved forward from “One Stop Center” to “A Fully Integrated Logistics Hub”

mutiara5LABUAN, Dec 8 : Asian Supply Base Sdn Bhd (ASB) has moved forward from “One Stop Center” to “A Fully Integrated Logistics Hub” for the oil and gas industry in the region.

Chief Executive Officer ASB Dato' Harris Tan said ASB is moving in the right direction to cater for the increase in the activity of the Oil and Gas industry in this region.

The company has the capabilities and competency to support vessel such as fast crew boat, anchor handling tugs and multi-purpose vessel.

“Today, ASB marked a milestone in the marine business with the official launching ceremony of ASB Mutiara 5 (Fast Crew Boat) for Petronas Carigali (SBO). The name Mutiara is from the inspiration of the government when they called Labuan, the Pearl of South East Asia (Pulau Mutiara).

He said this was in line with ASB’s diversification plan, which will lay out the company’s goals, objectives and strategies to turn the company into a major player in a highly competitive industry.

“In order to stay ahead in the global marine and offshore arena, we need to continually improve its competitive edge. A cost-competitive and efficient business environment, with strong infrastructure and comprehensive supporting industries will be critical success factors to bring in investor,” he said.

Speaking to the reporters after launching, he said the logistics support is the first hurdle to the exploration, development and production activity. It is not only essential but without a sound preparation and planning in the logistics requirement, it will be a cost to the major oil companies and this will eventually add up to the cost of oil.

“The up cycle and surge in the oil and gas activity especially deep water has intensified in this region with the increase in the level of exploration, development and production activities. With nine major finds in offshore Sabah waters and current drilling campaign for exploration, would definitely increase the business opportunities in the oil and gas sector,” he said.

Harris said the activities in the shallow water are also in the up surge together with the marginal field development. This is due the sustainable crude oil prices and advance technological improvement.

“The development has already been identified in the Sabah and Sarawak waters. Looking ahead, ASB must prepare itself for the expected demand and to set ownership in this growth of activity. Deep-water exploration is one of the most effective ways to increase reserve and production.

“This sounds good and promising for the future of ASB. By implementing prudent financial position and provide consistent and optimum return to the shareholder. Being one of the supply base here, serving Sabah and Sarawak waters, we must ensure that our range of services to be continuously up-graded delivered safely and meet our clients requirement,” he added.

ASB has all the requirements to contribute towards Malaysia’s aspiration to be a deepwater hub in this region. The prospect for the oil and gas companies in Malaysia is excellent as Petronas as well the oil majors tend to give priority to Malaysian companies who have the technical capability to undertake jobs. On this auspicious occasion, CEO thanked Petronas for giving ASB the opportunity and thrust this marine business after having successfully run the supply base for more than 25 years.