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Security Measure Beefs Up at ASB Labuan's Base


LABUAN, Feb 8 -- Asian Supply Base Sdn Bhd (ASB), the Labuan’s largest oil and gas base with estimated valued of more than 5 billion assets being stored in its base, will continue to place an emphasis on safety and security aspect.

Its chief executive officer Dato' Harris Tan said the security aspect would not be taken lightly in view of the high value of assets and interest of major local and international oil and gas players operating in its base.

“It is the factor we have auxiliary policemen to safeguarding and protecting our base from any untoward incidents or intruder,” he said at the opening of Auxiliary Police Meeting hosted by ASB Wednesday.

Harris said the security and safety are always given priority in its operation to gain the trust both from major local and international players.

He also reminded auxiliary policemen to avoid from being influenced by immoral and unhealthy activities such as drugs activities.

“We have tightened our security level in particular within our boundary. The size of our base increasing and is now expanded to 400 acres and there is a need for an increase in the number of auxiliary policemen to cater for the demand,” he said.

ASB has briefed the Labuan National Security Department of Prime Minister Department the need for its base to be gazetted and listed as Protected Areas and Protected Places (Act 1959) in order for a long term smooth operation.

International players operating in the ASB’s base includes the largest oil and gas player Schlumberger, Halliburton and Shell among others.

Meanwhile, Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib said the efforts of ASB in protecting the assets and its base was a good exemplary to other ports or base operator by equipping its self with auxiliary policemen.

He said the security aspect must be emphasised all the time in the interest of economy of the nation and stakeholders.

He also reminded ASB to continue with its training for its auxiliary policemen to be equipped with necessary skills and knowledge.

“We are monitoring their performance as they have been vested with authority to be exercised in their employers’ gazetted area (ASB’s base area),” he said at the opening of Auxiliary Police Meeting hosted by ASB.

He said auxiliary police must not under estimate their level, as their standard of duties and roles are similar to that of government policemen, although it is confine only in their own areas.

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